29 Sep

8 Beard Grooming Tips For The Dapper Gentleman

Anyone can grow a beard, but it takes a gentleman to maintain a groomed one. While beard patterns differ for every man, the upkeep that each one needs stay the same. Here we list 8 beard tricks that will keep your facial hair looking splendid. BE PATIENT When growing a beard, leave it untouched for […]

26 Sep

10 Beauty Products You Should Avoid Sharing

  When it comes to beauty, girls just can’t help but share everything: tips, advices, hacks, and even products themselves. It’s tempting to watch your bff put on her new favorite nude lipstick and ask to try it on, just so you’ll know if you should also get one. But dermatologists say it’s a big […]

21 Sep

7 Types of Jewelry Every Man Should Own

Often overlooked by men because of fear of tackiness, men’s jewelry is often reduced to watches and arm bands that serve as merely garnish for your outfit. But it is much more than that. Jewelry should be treated like a side dish, an accessory that completes and complements your style. A part of the whole. […]

14 Sep

6 Great Dupes for Hard-To-Get Make-up Products

Always waiting for the perfect timing? It’s hard isn’t it? To time your online orders with the new release of that Kylie Lip Kit you’ve been wanting to get since a year ago! Make-up lovers know the struggle of purchasing products that are not exclusively available in the country. Whether it’s an established brand or […]

01 Sep

How to Shine Your Shoes Like A Pro

When you’ve invested a considerable amount in your footwear, it’s a must to invest in its upkeep as well. Contrary to what we’ve grown up to believe, that shoe polish you’ve had since forever will probably do more harm than good. So we suggest to keep those polish for other uses, because in cleaning and […]