27 Apr

8 Summer Fashion Tips For Men

It’s easy to slack in style with this unforgiving hot weather. Some just throw in a shirt and a pair of shorts during these months but keeping it cool and stylish this summer is just as important for men as it is for women. That’s why we’re sharing with you some summer fashion tips so […]

22 Apr

The Best Swimsuits Styles To Rock At LaBoracay

May is fast approaching and everyone’s favorite long weekend holiday is coming up. Beach lovers and party goers scramble to find last minute deals to get to the hottest destination on Labor Day: Boracay! But before you get on that flight, make sure your beach party arsenal is complete! Don’t forget to bring your sunblock, […]

12 Apr

6 Stylish Beach Bags For Your Next Summer Getaway

Gearing up for your next beach getaway? With the rising heat and humidity in the city, there’s no wonder why everyone is packing up for a refreshing vacation. Whether you’re going to a private pool club or a beach destination, you’re set to bring in your swimsuit, an SPF lotion, and your trusty pair of […]

07 Apr

6 Confidence-Boosting Pieces To Wear At Work

As draining as it seems, early morning meetings, late night OT work, countless deadlines and office drama are all part of work. But sometimes it takes a toll on you, making you feel a little burnt out and demotivated. Jumpstart your work attitude with a little help of these confidence-boosting pieces that will help you […]

03 Apr

6 Mom-Tested and Kid-Approved Handbags

All the jobs in the world can’t compare to the role of a mother. Imagine being responsible for another human being, what more two, three, or more?! In some ways, mothers are magical. They know exactly what their kids want at any given time, they know how to turn a tantrum around, how to make […]