26 May

Unconventional Wedding Dresses For The Hipster Bride

When we think about weddings, we think about gorgeous floral arrangements, romantic music playing softly in the background and the bride walking down the aisle in a pristine white wedding ballgown. Designers have experimented with styles of wedding dresses for years, but majority of what seems to be available for brides still come from the […]

22 May

7 Millennial Pink Wedding Items you’ll Love (Even if You Aren’t a Millennial)

There has never been a time that people so loved the color pink than they do now. Millenial pink, also called Tumblr pink or Scandi pink, is this year’s favorite color for everything: hair, makeup, iPhone, and even weddings! Brides are in favor of the subtle yet romantic touch that Millenial pink lends to every […]

11 May

8 Stylish Gym Bags You Can Carry Everywhere

If there’s one thing that athletes and gym-goers have in common, besides being really fit, is the struggle to find the right gym bag. It should be lightweight, but still able to hold all your gears. It may be water-resistant or weather-proof, but it has to look nice too. If you understand these woes, you […]

05 May

Happy Tips To Keep Your Leather Goods In Shape

Investing in quality leather goods often come with a price so we result to barely using them to maintain their mint condition. But wouldn’t that be a waste of investment if you can’t use them to their full capacity? The good news is you can enjoy them for a long time if you actually take […]