26 Mar

Beat The Heat With Summer’s Top 5 Trends

Beat The Heat With Summer's Top 5 Trends

Temperatures are warming up the globe as well as the runway as we slowly transitions to one of the most awaited season for fashion: summer. It’s time to bring out the bright colors and beautiful tropical patterns from your closet and into the streets. And to help you catch on summer’s latest fashion, we’ve rounded up the top 5 summer trends to cop straight out of the runway:


Beat The Heat With Summer's Top 5 Trends

Highlight those gorgeous legs with printed shorts in playful arrays of colors. Pair with a light and breezy top to look summer chic, it’s a surefire way to tell the neighborhood to get ready for the coming heat.


Beat The Heat With Summer's Top 5 Trends

Dainty summer lace dresses with peek-a-boo designs will give you a fresh, sexy look without looking over-the-top.


Beat The Heat With Summer's Top 5 Trends

Leather for summer? Yes, you read that right! You can wear leather in this heat if you opt for flowy, airy designs rather than tight-fitting ones; it will still give you that punk edge minus the unbearable, uncomfortable heat.


Beat The Heat With Summer's Top 5 Trends

 This favorite fashion trend isn’t saying goodbye just yet! Crop tops are still in and perfect for the coming surge of summer heat. Just mix and match with your sunny pieces and you’ll surely look like the queen of the season.


Beat The Heat With Summer's Top 5 Trends

Stay cool while looking hot with backless dresses that comes in an array of colors and designs. Dress it up with heels and fancy jewelry, or go casual with sandals and straw hats; a versatile piece that can get you from day to night in a snap.

Match these summer trends with your best leather shoes, bags and belts to look polished yet casual during a day out, or professional and serious for a dinner meeting. But before heading out, make sure your leather goods are in perfect condition for strutting down the street. Come to Doctor Leather and get them repaired and restored to their former glory to give them a better look this season.