22 Feb

Creative Hues to Color Your Hair


Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the sunshine and the outdoors. It’s a time where you can be adventurous, whether you plan to get sunkissed on a white-sand beach, take up a challenging hike up a towering mountain or even get creative with your look.


This season, get artistic and color your locks with these adventurous hues to match the summer vibes:

  1. Blue Powder



Dive into the mermaid world with powdery blue hair that complements the color of the sand and the sea.

  1. A Hint of Pink


Go fruity on your hair by getting inspiration from the tropical fruits that surround you. You’ll have the sweetest look of the summer for sure.

  1. Red, Orange, and Yellow


Match the sun’s intense heat by setting your hair on fire (figuratively) with warm colors.

  1. Refreshingly Green


Sit back, relax, and be one with nature when you color your hair dark green, just like the greenery that surrounds you.

  1. Bright Rainbow


Standout with this extremely adventurous color for your hair! Be a ray of sunshine this summer with locks that bring happiness everywhere you go.


This season, go out and match the summer vibe with a sunny style and attitude. Your hair is not the only thing you can be creative with. Take your leather items to Doctor Leather and get them recolored to any hue you like!